A beloved fall destination for families in Kansas!
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Scott Berggren was the first to be bitten by the pumpkin patch bug. Inspired by his brother Kirk Berggren, owner of the KC Pumpkin Patch in Gardner, KS, Scott saw an opportunity that was just too good to miss out on. Convincing Renee (Scott’s wife) was a different story. They both very much enjoyed helping Kirk and Julie (Kirk’s wife) with stringing fence,

painting buildings, setting up activities, and cleaning the grounds in prep for their opening day. Scott and Renee even had the opportunity to spend the occasional weekend at the KC patch driving hayracks, face painting, manning the ticket booth and concession stand, gaining first hand experience on all the activities the patch had to offer.

Impressed with his brother’s business, Scott saw potential for a similar business venture near the Wichita area. Three years later Scott says, “We should do this here!” “Oh no, I see how hard Kirk and Julie have to work. I don’t have the time or patience for that. We have jobs and kids.” (Renee) Undeterred Scott began looking at land. “I know this is a good idea.”

“There is a lot of personal satisfaction knowing you had a part in helping someone’s dream become reality. Especially when it is family.” (Renee)

After quite a bit of prayer Renee’s heart began to soften to the idea and she too began to realize and share Scott’s dream. They both soon realized that to make their dream a reality sooner than later that a partnership was in order. Carol and Larry Brown, neighbors and friends were a good fit.

“Yeah, it took a little bit of convincing. We were both retired and not really looking for another job. But even we could see the potential in the idea, and farm setting was something we could easily relate to growing up rural.” (Larry)

Expounding on the strengths of the individuals in the group, a lot of business research, and some great advice from the KC Pumpkin Patch, the Applejack Pumpkin Patch, LLC was established December 2005. Scott engineering and building, Larry land and livestock management, Carol bookkeeping and purchasing, and Renee personnel and advertising. Together the partners worked hard to create an atmosphere of “Outdoor, Low tech, Fall Family Fun!”

“I knew it would be a lot of work, but after visiting with customers and hearing how they had such a wonderful experience, I can’t wait to open the gate each morning.” (Carol)

On September 26, 2006 the Applejack Pumpkin Patch opened. Welcoming kids of all ages and receiving many compliments:

Dawn – Haysville, KS
We all had such a great time. My skinny sister did the ladder and zipline, my sixty-one year old dad went down the slide, and I enjoyed taking pictures of it all. Oh, and I took a few shots with the Pumpkin cannon…We have since sent many people your way and can’t wait to do it again next year. Thanks for all the memories!

Rhoda – Wichita, KS daycare
My daughter has said how much she and our classes have enjoyed visiting your pumpkin patch. We will definitely be adding you to our list of field trips annually.

Nicole – Wichita, KS school
I love coming to your patch and have recommended you to several other teachers and families who have also made your experience one of their yearly field trips!

The Applejack Pumpkin Patch has experienced wonderful success. The partners are enjoying the fruits of their venture and continue to work on ways to make guest experience even better.