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Pumpkin Patch Wichita KS About Applejack

Bringing Families Together

Applejack is more than a place to pick a pumpkin. It’s a place for loved ones to gather: for an afternoon of fall fun, a celebration, a day of shopping, or even a night out. It’s a place for family traditions and making new memories.

From our family to yours—welcome.

Humble Roots, Growing Future

Family is the taproot of Applejack. It is the heart of our mission and our story.

Owner Scott Berggren was the first to be bitten by the “pumpkin patch bug.” Inspired by his brother Kirk’s pumpkin patch in Gardner, Kansas, Scott saw an opportunity for a similar agritourism business near Wichita. He and his wife Renee had enjoyed helping with the Gardner patch over the years, but they also knew how hard it was.

Undeterred, Scott began looking at land. With time and quite a bit of prayer, Renee grew to share Scott’s dream. The couple looked for partners who could help them realize that dream sooner rather than later.

The perfect partners were close to home. Friends and neighbors Carol and Larry Brown were retired but saw the potential in the idea. They grew up rural and were passionate about bringing the farm experience to families in the Wichita area.

Applejack Pumpkin Patch, LLC was established in late 2006, combining the strengths of the four partners. Scott handled engineering and building, Larry land and livestock management, Carol bookkeeping and purchasing, and Renee personnel and advertising.

The patch opened Sept. 26, 2007, welcoming kids of all ages and garnering glowing reviews. The team couldn’t wait to open the gates each morning. Success continued to grow over the years, with the pumpkin patch becoming a beloved fall destination for Wichita-area families.

In 2014, Carol and Larry decided it was time for their well-deserved “second retirement.” They hit the road in their RV to travel the country. Renee and Scott continue to run the business with the help of daughters Ezri and Aden and a dedicated team.

The Berggrens continue to improve and add to the patch experience. 2016 saw the launch of the popular Applejack Outdoor Market, and the Applejack Event Barn opened its doors in 2018 for weddings, parties and gatherings of all kinds.

Today, the humble patch has branched into an all-seasons destination. But the mission that started it remains the same: Bringing Families Together.

Sharing the Love

“Tradition! We love visiting Applejack. There’s always something for everyone to do.”

– Amber M.

“I love it here, and so do my kids. It’s become a family tradition. Thanks for the great memories!”

– Tia R.

“We have been going for years. Applejack has become a family tradition.”

– Brandon T.